“Terry, I felt great last night after your Breathwork and Sound Bath class. I slept like a baby! I’m feeling great today. I have been taking it easy, and just being more aware of my feelings. You made it very easy to be open and vulnerable.”


“Strange as it sounds, I feel lighter! I think you’re amazing at what you do and I appreciate you being in the OC️.  And my sleep last night was absolutely amazing! Thank you so, so much! I hope you do more OC events! I would definitely attend again. I am a dispatcher for the Anaheim PD, and now that I’ve experienced your magic, I think it would be so beneficial to others in the department!”


“If anyone hasn’t been to Terry’s sound bath, you really need to go try it out! I went in thinking that this won’t be for me, because I’m a tad hyper, but I was going to support Terry. But holy cow! It was quite an experience! The sound bath was amazing! I left there feeling so relaxed! The breathwork class is quite an experience in a different way… It pulls out emotions in you, and puts you in a state of relaxation… Terry’s really good! You should go try one, you will definitely realize that this is what Terry is meant to do.”


“The soundbath was both relaxing and revelatory. Thank you for the amazing experience!”


“I am about to tell all my friends about your class! I feel fabulous! I have nothing to compare it to, but I am in love with your class! Years ago, I took a yoga class at 24-hour fitness. I didn’t have a good experience. I tried it several times with the same experience. I don’t know that you can improve anything! Thank you so much!”


“I feel like a whole new person! I feel so relaxed! You did so good… You are a natural… I LOVED it and I don’t know what you could change because your energy was so good.”


“I slept amazing! That was an incredible experience and something I will definitely do again! It’s interesting though. Taking time out like that and just being one with myself for an extended period of time really brought up a lot of emotions that I realize I still need to deal with. So healthy to realize that and I truly thank you!! Life, as you know, has been really challenging lately and last night turned out to provide an important time to ‘feel.’ Thank you!”


“It was a nice experience, and afterwards I felt like nothing could break me…”


“Thank you again for an enlightening experience. It is rare that I take any time for myself and listen. For me, the breathing was more of a conscious awareness, the sound more subconscious. The combination was balanced, I appreciated the sound, as the breathing was ‘work,’ as in I had to think about it, and question if I was doing it right, etc. The clarity that ensued, more so the following day, was energizing and painfully clear. That is good.

I believe doing the breathing on a regular basis would genuinely change your life. Create clarity. You cannot run from the truth and when your eyes open, you eventually have to look through them.

It beats years of therapy. It is good to access an intuition or non-verbal part of the brain. I am now dealing with the clarity and with the questions that ensue.  Awareness, when you have been running away from facing on your choices, is pretty big. Your voice and staying connected with us during the breathing was so valuable and important. You make it a safe place and your encouragement and validation was very comforting. I am grateful for you and appreciate you turning me on to this mind-opening experience.”


“Loved this amazing experience! Thank you!”


“It was so relaxing, because it was the first day of tech and I had a long night and a pretty stressful day… During the crystal bowl [exercise], I didn’t fall asleep, because I remember being conscious, but there just wasn’t a single thought that crossed my head… And it was really nice because after that, I was very clear-headed and I didn’t really have any thoughts, and I was just calm and relaxed.”


“The most visceral sound to me was when the water sounded like waves. I felt it in my legs, and it was like the waves were crashing and I was everywhere, and I forgot that I was in a classroom for a second and it was like sensory experience.”


“I want to thank you for your wonderful session and sharing your beautiful heart with us. I had a great time and an amazing experience…”


“The gong killed the thoughts in my head and I gave over to the sounds. Personally, the beach is my favorite place and this calmed me down. It helped me focus on one thing at a time, and it taught me to feel or be present.”


“I felt so comfortable and elastic, and my body was more relaxed.”


“Thank you again for the soundbath. I really appreciated your generous energy and expertise. It was a really cool experience. Much appreciated!”


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