Private Sessions

Private (In-home) Sessions

Terry is currently offering private in-home breathwork and sound healing sessions in and around Orange County. At this time her private sessions often combine breathwork and sound healing techniques to help her clients who may be suffering from a variety of different issues including anxiety, depression, pain or other emotional and/or physical issues. The sound instruments Terry uses (either on their own or combined with breathwork), helps to move stuck energy and balance the emotions, bringing the mind and body into a calm, relaxed and balanced state.

Terry uses a combination of instruments including Tibetan and / or Crystal bowls, a gong, drums, chimes, tuning forks and other instruments as needed to provide a customized and transformative “at-home” or virtual experience if needed.

A Sonic Massage uses Tibetan bowls on and around the body to deliver coherent and balancing frequencies directly to the body, and is a deeply relaxing way to destress both the mind and body.

Click here to book a private session or consultation with Terry to discuss your specific needs.


Breathwork (about 90 minutes): $175 + Travel and Set-up fee $25
Sonic Massage (about 90 minutes): $250 + Travel and Set-up fee $50
Combination Breathwork and Sound Bath* $300 + Travel and Set-up fee $75*

*A full sound bath experience uses more instruments and takes additional time and labor for the set-up.

NOTE: Pricing may change depending on the needs, number of people and type of experience desired or requested.

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