About Sound Baths

What is a Sound Bath Meditation?

“We are music, musician and instrument in the symphony of life. The sounds we make, the emanating energies, create waves of vibration through thought and action.”

—Pati Pellerito 

A Sound Bath Meditation is similar to a guided meditation experience, except that you will be laying down and listening to the sounds of calming, restorative instruments. You will listen to gentle sounding bowls including Tibetan, Quartz Crystal, and Alchemy, as well as other types of instruments that will calm your mind and create soul-stirring sounds to guide you into a relaxed state. As your attention moves inward, the mind begins to recede from thought into present-moment awareness.

Time feels suspended as you listen to the mystical sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls, Alchemy Bowls, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Planet Gongs, drums, and other instruments that vibrate through your body and stimulate the body and mind’s own healing potential.​

As layers of stress wash away, you will notice the gentle sway of your mind settling into the rhythm of your own heart—wisdom, insights, and clarity can rise to the light of understanding. As we soak in the blissful energy of sound, transformative illumination and expansion occur.

How it Works

Sound Healing Meditation has been scientifically proven to change brain wave states. It has been found that these special soundwaves help stimulate the Alpha and Theta brainwave frequencies associated with meditative, clear, and peaceful states of mind.

Beta brainwaves are present at times when our brain is focused on a task, or during times of moderate to extreme stress and anxiety in which we go into a state known as “fight or flight.” However, Alpha brainwaves are present during light meditation, daydreaming, and deep relaxation—it’s an ideal state for the brain to be in. Theta brainwaves, meanwhile, are present during REM dreaming sleep, deep meditation, and hypnosis.

Come surf the waves of Alpha and Theta, as these states open us to new possibilities and forge new pathways and connections. The Alpha and Theta brainwave states are considered the gateway to the subconscious mind, and it’s here where we experience heightened creativity, depth of imagination, and access to the subconscious realms where deep healing can take place.

What to Expect

​Wisdom lies in the silent space between thoughts. Come join us for one of our restorative sound bath meditations and fall deep into your own sonic universe.

These sound meditation techniques will balance your chakra energy centers, clear your mind, and gently release stuck emotions and blocked energy that no longer serves you. By connecting with your inner harmony, you will find yourself in a place where you are able to powerfully resonate with all things you would like to call into your life as you clear out old stories and negative thoughts and patterns.

No meditation experience is necessary! Simply come and allow the soothing sounds and vibrations to wash through you. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

Some items you may want to bring include a bottle of water, a comfortable mat, a blanket, a pillow, and an eye covering for your comfort. If you have and use crystals, bring them to be harmonized and recharged by the crystal sonic vibrations.

Some mats, blankets, and eye pillows will be available on a first come, first served basis.  Eye pillows are great to help you completely relax and fall deeply into a restorative meditative state.

Most of all, bring an open mind and heart!

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